Volodimir Zelensky promises that Ukraine will not cede the south to Russia


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Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky assured this Sunday (06.19.2022) that Ukraine will not give the south to Russia and that access to the Black Sea will be Ukrainian.

“I spoke to our advocates, military, police, National Guard, Defense Against Terrorism. Their state of mind is confident, and it is obvious that none of them doubts our victory”, he detailed back in kyiv after visiting the Odessa region, in the south of the country, and where he met with soldiers facing Russian troops. .

“We will not give the south to anyone, we will return everything that is ours and the sea will be Ukrainian and safe,” he said.

Likewise, he thanked the Armed Forces for their service and for the protection of the Ukrainian State, at the same time that he regretted that the Ukraine front had suffered “significant losses”.

“Many houses have been destroyed, civil logistics have been disrupted and there are many social problems,” Zelensky said.

For this reason, he ordered “more systematic assistance” to people who have lost loved ones, and promised that “everything destroyed will be restored.”

“There are not so many missiles in Russia as our people’s will to live,” said the Ukrainian leader.

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