Volodimir Zelensky expects more hostile activity from Russia in “historic” week for Ukraine


Ukrainian soldiers in Lisichansk.

Photo: ARIS MESSINIS/AFP / copyright

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, assured this Monday (06.20.2022) that there will be an increase in Russian hostile activity, as this is a “historic” week for the Ukrainian claims to acquire the status of a candidate to enter the European Union . Likewise, the Kyiv authorities have detected an increase in attacks against Kharkov, the second largest city in the country.

“Obviously we should expect further hostile activity from Russia. By the way, obviously. This week exactly. And not only against Ukraine, but also against other European countries. We are preparing. We are ready. We notified the partners, ”said the president in his traditional video message. Likewise, he warned that the invaders are accumulating forces “in the direction of Kharkov”, a city visited by Zelensky at the end of May. “Our army resists,” he added.

One of his advisers, Oleksiy Arestovych, said that the “inhabitants of Kharkov must understand that they have become a city on the front line again.” The intensity of the attacks against the city, in particular in the far northern areas, have increased in recent hours, according to Ukraine’s military-civilian administrations.

Russian progress

Since the Russian Armed Forces were pushed out of Kharkov towards the border in mid-May by Ukrainian counter-attacks, Russian troops have focused on holding occupied areas north of the Russian-speaking city, but have not given up artillery attacks. to try to recover positions. The General Staff indicated that the Russians are firing heavily at several towns in the region and “the outskirts of Kharkov.”

The city’s mayor, Ihor Terekhov, said on Sunday that the last few days have been “very turbulent” in Kharkov, so he decided to cancel the trip to Madrid to meet with the famous architect Norman Foster and investors in the face of the reconstruction of the city. Terekhov explained that he prefers to stay in the city “and work with the military on more effective defense coordination.”

In addition, Zelensky announced that Russia is also reinforcing its troops in southern Ukraine, especially in the Zaporizhia region. There, Ukrainian units switch from “active defense to offensive action,” according to Azov battalion commander Rodion Kudryashov. Meanwhile, the governor of Lugansk, Sergiy Gaidai, acknowledged the fall into the invading hands of Metiolkine, on the outskirts of Severodonetsk. In addition, he said that the Russians control the latter city almost completely, except for the Azot chemical plant.

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