Vladimir Putin’s spokesman insists that the massacre in Bucha is “a set-up” by Ukraine

The spokesman also lamented the loss of thousands of Russian soldiers in the war against Ukraine.


Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, shared their concern at the great loss of Russian soldiers since they invaded Ukraine last February 24. Although he continued asserting that the atrocities committed by his army in Bucha were a “set up” made by Ukraine.

“A great tragedy for us”, were the words of Peskov related to the death of thousands of Russian soldiers, during an interview he offered for Sky News. The number of soldiers who have lost their lives in the war against Ukrainians is 19,000 so far.

On the other hand, when questioned by the presenter regarding the massacre caused by Russian soldiers against civilians in Bucha, Berestyanka and other alternate cities, Dmitry Peskov said that the murders had been “a set-up”.

“Definitely, the monstrous montage in Bucha must and must be investigated, to really shed light on what has happened, the investigation must be truly independent and impartial,” Peskov said.

Despite the fact that the journalist showed him the images of the corpses of the civilians tied by the hands and of the bodies lying on the streets of the city and others buried in mass graves, Peskov continued to deny the situation.

“The alleged war crimes in Bucha are a well-staged innuendo, nothing more. It is a bold fake, and we have been talking about it for a couple of days, but no one listened to us,” said Dmitry Peskov.

In a conference offered by Dmitry Peskov last Tuesday, he specified that the “tragic show” carried out by the Ukrainian government is for denigrate the russian military forces, as well as justify more sanctions for your country.

“It is a well-organized tragic spectacle. It’s a fake intended to denigrate the Russian military, but it won’t work.” held on April 5, the Kremlin spokesman.

The official also described in the recent interview that the decision to withdraw troops from the Belarusian capital it was an act of good will for the preservation of peace, although the Pentagon believes that military troops will be redeployed.

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