Visitors face traffic congestion and harmful fauna in Xochimilco

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Xochimilco prepares for the celebrations around the dead; However, visitors face two problems: the conflictive roads that form various bottlenecks and the proliferation of harmful fauna, which causes fear among people who decide to visit the district.

There are intersections of avenues that are very complicated every day, which cause constant congestion in which it takes 15 and even 20 minutes to pass them,” explains Víctor Fernández, who, coming from the north of Mexico City, used Periférico to get to the piers, but “the departure from Periférico was terrible and the arrival at the Center of Xochimilco was an odyssey,” he says.

Yesterday, Sunday was a day of high influx of visitors in various areas of Xochimilco, since not only the traditional users of trajineras in the canals congested the streets of the Center of Central Plaza and the Xochimilco Market registered hundreds of visitors.

Entering through Periférico is not so problematic, but if the visitor comes through Canal Nacional, Calzada del Hueso, Calzada de Las Bombas or through Cafetales, traffic becomes complicated, especially at the intersections of these avenues and upon arrival at the Platnas Market and Flores de Cuemando, where it is possible to observe that in the same space where cars circulate, people transport the plants that visitors buy in carts; A person decides to help traffic administration, in order to avoid major problems, but even so, the crossing with the National Canal involves 16 minutes on a journey that can be done in five.

Customers have always told us that the arrival and departure of the market is very complicated, because there is no order for the entry and exit to the three parking areas and then the carts help people carry their merchandise to the market. their cars,” explains Victoria Gómez, an orchid seller at the Cuemanco Plant and Flower Market.

I honestly don't understand why the authorities don't put things in order. If you know that there are thousands of visitors on Saturdays and Sundays, it seems that no one cares that this is chaos. Everyone takes advantage, they charge you up to 200 pesos for parking and they don't even take care of your car,” says Carlos Peralta, who along with his family visited the Main Plaza of Xochimilco.

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The district received more visitors towards the afternoon of this Sunday, because they were the first three days of La Llorona, which is presented every year at the Cuemanco emcarcadero, but whose visitors also face problems getting there, due to the bottlenecks that exist. They form at different road intersections and due to the lack of safe spaces to leave their cars.

Here it takes the delegation up to four hours to get around,” says Brenda Cervantes, one of the people who helps visitors find a place to park and enjoy the work.

But visitors also complain about the presence of harmful fauna, such as rodents and cockroaches, which can be seen in broad daylight in the Central Plaza of Xochimilco, both in planters and on benches where people are supposed to sit.

Rats are a real problem. Since people throw away food, they go out to eat and are no longer afraid of people,” says Pablo Guzmán, a street vendor in the historic center of Xochimilco.

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