Visitor goal, fundamental for the Mexican National Team Vs Honduras

Visitor goal, fundamental for the Mexican National Team Vs Honduras
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The Mexican selection will look for its ticket to the 2024 Copa América against Honduraseliminatory in which they will begin by visiting 'catracho' soil, the same one in which will try to score as many times as possiblesince one of the tiebreaker methods is he away goal.

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The eliminatory before 'The H'this will begin Friday, November 17 in Tegucigalpa at 8:00 p.m. (Central Mexico City time) and will end on Tuesday, November 21 in the stadium Aztec.


He Tri will return to Tegucigalpaspecifically the National Stadium, before more than 30 thousand spectatorss three decades after his last appearance in said venue.

These are all tiebreaker methods for the tie between Mexico and Honduras in the Quarterfinals of the Nations League 2023-24:

1. Highest number of goals scored in both games.

2. Visitor goal.

3. Extra Time (two periods of 15 minutes each).

4. Penalty shootout.

5. Sudden death in a penalty shootout.

* In the event of Extra Time, it will be played on the Azteca Stadium field. The first leg will end after the regulation 90 minutes.

Away goal does not 'double count'

Although in 'football slang' it is used that the away goal 'double account', It is not like this.

Simply and simply, if at the end of the 180 minutes played, the tie persists, it will go to the second criterion: he away goal. In this case, the selection that has scored on more occasions on his rival's court.

He winneryou will get your ticket automatically at Nations League Semifinals 2023-2024 and to the Copa America 2024 to be played in the United States.


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