Visiting triumph: Celtics start strong

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The Celtics started a new NBA season with a victory at Madison Square Garden after the offensive emergence of their star striker Jayson Tatum and the center Kristaps Porzingiswho combined to score 64 points in the 108-104 victory over the Knicks.

Porzingis He faced his former team and hit a key three-pointer with 1:29 left, breaking a tie. He also contributed eight rebounds and four blocks. Tatum led the offense with 34 pointsin addition to recovering 11 rebounds and giving four assists.

The Celtics had the debut of point guard Jrue Holidaywhose addition in the offseason propelled them to be considered one of the Eastern Conference favorites to reach the Finals.

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The former point guard of the bucks contributed nine units, while Jaylen Brown had 11 pointssix rebounds and five assists.

The Knicks They overcame a double-digit deficit thanks to the efforts of RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley, who contributed 24 points each.

Until the final period, the New Yorkers were able to celebrate their first lead on the scoreboard after starting with a 13-2 rally, but in the end the Celtics They were able to contain this brave moment to celebrate their first victory of the promising campaign.

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