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You feel that your partner's jokes They are offensive, do you think that their way of physically approaching them is invasive, have you felt guilty? Don't let it go! It can be an indicator of violence.

Check this violence meter and identify the situations that put you at risk. No matter what gender you identify with, the behaviors described can be observed in all people and it is best to know them, don't let it be too late!

Why is a violence meter necessary?

We live in a society where, from a young age, we are educated to be accompanied, as a couple. And sometimes we've even been programmed to think that a little "stress," a fancy way of referring to couple violenceit is necessary before being alone.

This requirement can lead us to self-deception, to justify behaviors that, if we reason about them, are unjustifiable. What's more, it leads us to think that our feelings are wrong.

Yes, better alone than in bad company! | (darkroom)
Yes, better alone than in bad company! | (darkroom)

And therein lies the trap: little by little we are shedding our own humanity, to the point of embrace what destroys us. Therefore, take into account the instructions of this tool, it will help you more than you imagine.

What is the violentometer? This is the A,B,C

He violentometer was created by the Polytechnic Unit of Management with a Gender Perspective, of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), with the purpose of providing a tool in the form of "graphic and didactic material" to "visualize the different manifestations of violence that are hidden in daily life and that many times they are confused or unaware."

With the violence meter you will be able to identify, more clearly, those red flag which your feelings and thoughts alert you to. And like any tool, it will allow you to detect and address violence in different manifestations.

Thinking about what makes you feel out of place, uncomfortable, sad, worried, is very valid. Furthermore, if you use this tool you will be able to analyze with a more complete perspective.

The violenceometer, your tool for a healthy relationship | (Special)
The violenceometer, your tool for a healthy relationship | (Special)

He violencerometer It is conceived in three stages. It is essential to identify which one we are in.

In the first, we detect behaviors that you should take special care of, and keep in mind that violence will most likely increase. In the second, you will notice that it is necessary to stop now. And thirdly, where your physical integrity is compromised, you will see that it is necessary to ask for help.

The red flag of each stage

Pay attention to these behaviors, perhaps one of them will catch your attention.

First stage:

  • hurtful jokes
  • Blackmail
  • Lies
  • Tricks
  • Apply the “law of ice” (ignore your partner)
  • Be jealous
  • Stalk/stalk
  • Disqualify
  • Ridicule
  • To offend
  • humiliate in public
  • intimidate
  • Threaten

Second stage:

  • Control or prohibition of the couple (such as living with some family members or friends, money, appearance, among others)
  • Non-consensual touching
  • aggressive caresses
  • Hit “playing”
  • To pinch
  • Scratch
  • Push
  • pull
  • slap
  • Kick

Remember, these behaviors are threatening your physical integrity. It is necessary to say enough and stop!

Third stage:

Although things were already ugly, this point is the most dangerous, so don't hesitate and ask for help.

  • Confinement
  • Isolation
  • Threats with objects or weapons
  • Threats of death
  • Force sexual relations
  • sexual abuse
  • Mutilations
  • Murder (feminicide or homicide)

Recognizing that our relationship is a space where violence is reproduced is not easy, but tools like the violence meter contribute to questioning how we were taught to we relate romantically with others, since we should not tolerate that which harms our well-being.

And don't forget, the healthiest relationships are those that occur between people who love themselves, who know that they are valuable and, therefore, can love without depending and without seeking to repair gaps.

And where do I ask for help?

If you detect that your relationship puts you at risk, you can contact the Life Line, which provides attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This line will allow you to obtain personalized attention regarding personal well-being.

Just call the number 800 911 2000or write through your social networks:

  • Facebook: Line of Life
  • Twitter: @LineaDe_LaVida
  • Instagram: @LineaDe_LaVida
  • Email:


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