Violence in Haiti increased in the last quarter | News

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The United Nations Integrated Office (Binuh) released a report stating that some 2,161 people were killed, kidnapped or injured due to the violence unleashed in Haiti from July to last September.


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According to the international organization, the number of victims increased 16 percent compared to the previous quarter, despite the truce announced by gang alliances in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti.

According to the report, the numbers of dead, injured or kidnapped are alarming and are expected to continue increasing for this last quarter.

La Binuh pointed out that in certain areas of Port-au-Prince the gangs intensified their coordinated attacks to try to control new areas, taking advantage of the power vacuum that exists in the Caribbean nation.

The report states that during the attacks, violent groups “indiscriminately killed people who were trying to flee, including children, gang-raped women and girls in their homes, and destroyed numerous houses and buildings.”

Likewise, they denounced that the gangs use sexual violence as a weapon to punish the women of the population and extend their territorial control.

Children also face recruitment by armed groups that use them as informants to facilitate kidnappings and robberies.

After taking control of the areas, through violence, the gangs take charge of providing food and money to those who join their ranks to commit crimes.

Those who refuse to be part of the gang's criminal structure run the risk of being murdered, they explain in the report.

Binuh reiterated the call to the international community to accelerate the deployment of the multinational security support mission in Haiti.

They also insisted that the Haitian Government needs help to combat illicit trafficking and the diversion of firearms within the security forces.

It is feared that the crisis will worsen in the popular areas of Haiti as the months go by.

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