Vinícius Jr. broke it against Liverpool and imitated Cristiano Ronaldo's new celebration

Vinícius Jr. celebrating a goal against Liverpool in the Champions League.

Photo: PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images

Vinícius Jr. is the new star of Real Madrid and this Tuesday he showed it with a sublime performance in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 against Liverpool at Anfield, where he scored two goals and provided an assist. In one of the celebrations he was seen imitating the new celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the celebration of his second goal, Vini was seen running to one of the corners of the field, but this time he was not seen celebrating his goals by dancing, but decided to do it in true CR7 style. The Real Madrid number 20 stood in front of the corner kick flag, clasped his two hands at chest level, closed his eyes and raised his face to the sky. This gesture has only been seen by Cristiano.

Vinícius Jr. celebrating his second goal against Liverpool in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16, imitating Cristiano Ronaldo. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images).

However, a few days ago, in the victory of those led by Carlo Ancelotti against Osasuna, in the League, Vinícius made the same celebration in a goal that he scored in the 90th minute, but which was later invalidated from the VAR for offside.

In October 2022, Cristiano Ronaldo was still a Manchester United player and in a match against Everton in the English Premier League, at Goodison Park Stadium, the 'Reds Devils' won 2-1 with a goal from the Portuguese.

In that duel he reached 700 goals at the club level. After his score, CR7 joined the Brazilian Anthony and they celebrated in this way. The meaning of this celebration arose as an inside joke with his teammates, alluding to the way in which the Portuguese usually takes a nap when traveling to another city or country in the middle of a sports concentration.

Cristiano Ronaldo with Anthony celebrating a Manchester United goal against Everton in October 2022 for a match in the English Premier League. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images).

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