"Vinicius has the absolute support of the club": Emilio Butragueño | Video

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Emilio Butragueno, former player and director of institutional relations of the Real Madridsaid that the Brazilian Vinicius Junior, who once again suffered a racist attack on him, has "The absolute support of the club, of the teammates and of the club" and he was happy with his game, with a goal included, on a "particular day" for the attacker.

"The vulture" said for Real Madrid TV:

Vinicus has the absolute support of the club, his teammates and the public. He is a very important player for us. Today the public has shown him their affection and we are happy for him. It was a difficult game and a special day for him.

It has been a very particular day for him. Happy for his performance. He is a player who never leaves the game, who is very constant and who is constantly looking for a way to create danger for his opponent. He has scored a very difficult goal, with a very long career. Happy for him.

Also, butragueño appealed to the importance of recovering strength for what tight schedule.

“This is the schedule. Happy for the performance and, once again, turning around an adverse marker. When you win, you are happier and the fatigue is less fatigue. Of course, the team has made a great effort and we have to recover for Sunday, since we have a game against a high-level rival ”, he assessed ahead of Sunday's game against the Real societyfrom LaLiga Santander.

Real Madrid came from behind to beat the Atletico MadridMadrid derby that had to go to extra time for its definition, after equaling 1-1 in regular time, held this Thursday at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadiumwhere the meringues sealed their ticket at Semifinals of the Copa del Rey.

(With information from EFE)

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