Villarejo now renounces and denies that Laporta leaked reports about Rosell to the police

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(Updates the information, with the decision of FC Barcelona not to finally file a complaint against Villarejo)

Barcelona, ​​Nov 21 (EFE).- Former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo has now denied before the court that the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, handed over information to the police or justice to incriminate his successor Sandro Rosell, as a result of the legal actions taken by the Barcelona club to force him to rectify.

In the peace court of Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), a conciliation ceremony was held last week between Villarejo and Barça, which, under the threat of a lawsuit, demanded that he retract his statements made on September 28, when in An interview on the Rac1 radio station suggested that Laporta gave information to the police about the cause that led Rosell to prison.

The conciliation, in which Laporta appealed to his right to rectification, ended without agreement between the parties, although Villarejo has provided the court with a document, to which EFE has had access, in which he ends up denying any insinuation that the current president of the Barça will provide information to incriminate Rosell, which the club interprets as a "recantation."

For this reason, sources from the Barça club have informed EFE, Barça has finally decided that it will not file a complaint against Villarejo for crimes against honour, as it had planned if the former commissioner did not rectify it.

The former commissioner, a member of the so-called "patriotic police" and investigated in several parapolice espionage plots, linked Laporta to the case against Rosell in a "face to face" that Rac1 organized on September 28 between him and the former Catalan president Artur Further.

"In the case of Mr. Rosell, it was Laporta who gave us that information (...), yes, people around the president, who had fired him, I seem to remember," were Villarejo's words that motivated the president of the Barça will announce legal actions.

In his letter sent to the court, Villarejo maintains "in its entirety" the content of his intervention but specifies: "of course, in the sense in which I truly expressed it and not in the malicious interpretation that they try to attribute to me gratuitously."

The commissioner admits that in the interview he said that, for a time, FC Barcelona was used "to carry out a series of investigations that the club would later pay for" - alluding to the assignments to the Method 3 detective agency -, but he emphasizes that He "never" linked that fact to Rosell's imprisonment.

"It is therefore strictly false that I said that Mr. Laporta provided information or documentation to police or judicial authorities about Mr. Rosell, in the framework and context of the investigation that he underwent," emphasizes the former commissioner of the National Police.

In that sense, Villarejo specifies that what he said in the radio interview and has maintained in court is that "various sources pointed to Mr. Rosell as a key element of the independence movement," but that he was able to verify that "it was not true" and so he said. stated in his intelligence notes, the last of which was from 2014.

Likewise, he points out that he finds it "strange that Rosell says in public that, despite having personally seen the reports that the detectives made about him, he believed what Mr. Laporta told him that he knew nothing."

After these comments, the former commissioner reiterates in his writing that "it would not be coherent to rectify" something that he never stated and takes the opportunity to denounce that he has remained in preventive detention for three years "without any respect" for his most basic rights. EFE


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