#VIDEOS Thousands of people protest around the world in favor of Palestine

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Fifteen days after the start of the war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, demonstrations are taking place in numerous cities around the world calling for an end to the war and the arrival of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza.

The escalation of violence began on the 7th with the terrorist attacks by Hamas in Israeli territory, which caused at least 1,400 deaths and 210 hostages, and Israel's subsequent response with bombings on the Gaza Strip, which already caused at least 4,469 deaths. , according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Demonstrations for the Palestinian cause

The largest demonstration took place this Saturday in London, where they marched near Downing Street, the residence of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, to protest the bombings on Gaza.

The protesters walked among flags and banners that read “freedom for Palestine” and “stop the war,” and chanted slogans such as “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

More than a thousand officers from the London Metropolitan Police ensured the security of the protest, which flooded the center of the British capital for the second consecutive weekend and forced the temporary closure of the Marble Arch metro station, on the main artery. Oxford Street shopping.

Scotland Yard arrested two people in Trafalgar Square during the day for launching pyrotechnic rockets at its officers and also increased security around the Israeli embassy, ​​where some groups gathered during the afternoon.

Today, thousands of people also demonstrated in Sydney and other Australian cities in favor of Palestine and against Israel's bombing of Gaza following the attacks by the Islamist group Hamas.

The largest march took place in Sydney, with about 9,000 people.

In Spain

Thousands of people from various cities in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza and San Sebastián have asked this Saturday to stop the “genocide” that, according to them, Israel is carrying out against the Palestinian people after the attack by the Islamist group Hamas on the country ago. two weeks.

The crowd has demanded that the Government of Spain and the rest of the international community stop being “complicit” in this “televised massacre” and have the “courage” to oppose Israel.

In Madrid, around 2,500 people - according to data from the Government Delegation - have marched from Atocha and walked through the streets of the capital, passing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to Puerta del Sol.

The protesters, called by the Madrid Platform Against NATO and the Bases, gathered in the National Palestinian Action Commission, have carried numerous Palestinian flags and banners with messages demanding a ceasefire or comparing Zionism with fascism.

In Barcelona, ​​another massive demonstration took place, called by the Palestinian Community of Catalonia and the “Prou Complicitat” coalition, under the slogan “Let's stop the genocide in Palestine”, in which 19,000 people participated, according to the Urban Guard (70,000 according to the organizers).

More than 200 entities, organizations and social movements in Catalonia have joined by signing the manifesto “Let's stop the genocide in Palestine. Enough of the arms trade with Israel”, the slogan that could be read on the banner leading the march.

Other cities have also taken to the streets this Saturday to show their support for Palestine, such as Zaragoza or San Sebastián, a town where thousands of people have asked for “a political solution” to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


In Berlin, the Police today banned a pro-Palestinian demonstration planned for Sunday with the slogan "Peace in the Middle East", considering that there is a danger of anti-Semitic proclamations and incitement to hatred, glorification of violence and violent acts.

This weekend there are pro-Palestinian demonstrations planned in various German cities and several have already been held today, such as the one in Düsseldorf (west), where around 5,500 people gathered, according to the police, while in Hamburg (north), where they also gathered. They banned demonstrations until tomorrow, security forces broke up an unauthorized protest.

The capital of Tunisia gathered this Saturday hundreds of protesters in favor of Palestine, a country with daily protests for two weeks over the war in Gaza, with days of massive marches, in which sentiment against France (former colonial power) grows. for his unconditional support for Israel.

The Tunisian security forces prevented the protesters from approaching the French Embassy in the capital, when the graffiti of “Free Palestine” and “(President of France, Emmanuel) Macron, terrorist; (US President Joe) Biden, terrorist” were visible today at the “French Institute” in the Tunisian capital, where the protest march took place.

With information from EFE

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