Videos | This is how 'Checo' Pérez and Max Verstappen disputed lap 1 of the sprint race

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the first lap of the Austrian Grand Prix in the sprint race was strongly contested by the drivers of the Red Bull, Sergio "Checo" Pérez and Max Verstappen, to get to the top position.

The Mexican driver started in second position and his teammate, Max, in first. When starting the race The Dutchman blocked the way for Checo forcing him to come within inches of the security column.

However, for speed Sergio Pérez” managed to pass Max and take the first position temporarily; immediately the leader of the Drivers' Championship fought for his place and tried to pass the Mexican on the right, but Checo blocked the path of his partner and he almost went out onto the grassexceeding the limit of the track.

A curve later Max manages to take position one and forced Checo off the track; However, the Mexican recovered and managed to rejoin and continue in the race.

Verstappen later admitted in an interview that he had a "bad start" to the race, because it "seemed" that Checo "just pushed me onto the grass, and that could have been a big misdirection. But that's why immediately after the race he wanted to have a chat just to ask his vision of it. AND he said he didn't see me so i take his word for itof course".

“It was a bit of a difficult moment in Turn 1. Of course, when they force you to step on the grass, it is very slippery, but we managed to keep the car under control and from there. from now on we just finished our career”.

For his part, Checo Pérez said:

“It has been a great result for the team. At first Max (Verstappen) and I got a little closer than we should have, I think we both miscalculated, but we have talked about it and everything is in order."

I think Max was mad because I went into turn 2, but I didn't see it there,” Perez said after getting out of the car. “I just had a really bad Turn 1 so I tried to protect myself but once I realized he was there I put the spot back at Turn 2.”

“It's all good, we just talked about it, because the visibility… Even though we were [corriendo] one and two, it was very bad, visibility out there”.

Tomorrow we will have to minimize damage. It will be difficult from fifteenth place, but it would be amazing if we could finish in the top five”, he added.

At the moment Max Verstappen is in the number 1 position in the drivers' standings with 203 points; instead Sergio Pérez is in second position with 133 points.

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