Videos | Conor McGregor knocks out Miami Heat mascot and sends him to the hospital

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The star of the UFC Conor McGregor knocked out the Miami Heat mascot, Burnieand sent her to hospital this Friday night after an incident on the field during the fourth game of the NBA Finals in Miamiaccording to local media.

Burnie, who was wearing a boxing gown and oversized gloves, was promptly knocked to the ground by a McGregor left hook.

As Burnie remained on the ground, McGregor proceeded to land a straight punch to the mascot's helmet.

Photo: Photocapture / Twitter (@TheAthletic)

The matchup was for McGregor to promote a painkiller spray, which he is seen attempting to spray at Burnie, who was carried off the field by his feet by field staff.

According to The Athletic, the man behind Burnie received pain medication, he was subsequently discharged and is currently in good health.

The last time McGregor competed was in 2021, when he broke his leg in a fight with Dustin Poirier.

Denver repeats dose in Miami and will seek the title at home

The Heat's 108-95 loss to the Denver Nuggets put the Nuggets out to a commanding 3-1 lead.

The Nuggets party opened, with about a hundred fans in the stands singing with pride and dreaming of the first NBA title in the franchise's history, which is now just one win away.

The Nuggets will be able to sentence the Finals this Monday at the Ball Arena in Denver, where they only lost one game in this postseason, after adding two wins out of two in their visits to the Heat at the Kaseya Center. (Reuters)

NBA Finals: Denver repeats dose in Miami and will seek the title at home

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