Videos | Activists steal lambs from the estate of King Carlos III

Animal Rising reported that three of its members identified as Rose, Sarah and Rosa, entered the Appleton Farm land belonging to King Carlos III to rescue three lambs that would be sent to the slaughterhouse shortly.

The rescue happened at approximately 8:00 p.m. this Wednesday, the organization explained that the animals were moved to a safe place and said they were named Sammy, Sunny and Sooty.

Animal Rising explained that this action is hardly the first work of a series of “open rescues” that he will carry out this summer to safeguard animals from exploitation by the food industry.

Fixing this relationship and working to adapt our food system will not only free us from the moral and ecological shackles of animal husbandry, but it will also will allow us to restore nature and prevent the worst effects of the climate crisis.

Rescuers surrender to police

On the other hand, Animal Rising commented that the rescuers of the lambs gave themselves up voluntarily to the police because he stated: “rescuing animals from harm is the right thing to do”.

“These women have acted out of compassion and hold the belief that a jury of common people will side with care and freedom. This is how we fix our broken relationship with animals,” the organization said.