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The delivery of heavy tanks to the Ukrainian army has monopolized the discussion in the West about the next steps it should take in its military support against Russian aggression. The turn of Germany, which has finally decided to send Leopard 2 tanks, and the rhythmic shipment of the American Abrams, seeks to benefit Ukraine on the battlefield, whose current vehicles are of Soviet heritage, but what effect will it have on the course of the war? "Western tanks could prevail over the Russians and could support the Ukrainian infantry with their superior firepower," says Guillermo Pulido, a defense analyst for the magazine, in this video. armies.

Volodimir Zelenski, President of Ukraine, has thanked Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor, for the "important and timely decision" to send tanks to the country and to authorize their re-export to other States, in addition to training Ukrainian soldiers in handling those modern battle tanks "Ideally, the tanks operate in battalions, which are about four companies, and forming large units, from brigades onwards, can take a year or so," observes Pulido, although he also believes that the haste and urgency of the war could change the timeframes and the usual deployment.

For its part, Russia has reacted to the announcement of these new shipments in a defiant tone: "They will burn like the rest," said Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitri Peskov. "The guns that the Russian tanks have and the ammunition have less penetrating capacity and the ammunition comes out at a slower speed," Pulido points out, however, about the superiority of Western tanks over the Russians.

You can find the complete analysis in the video that accompanies this news.

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