VIDEO: Tow truck driver runs out of brakes and jumps from moving crane in Mexico

Despite the shockingness of the images, the accident did not leave people injured or fatalities.


Like part of an action movie sequence, a tow truck driver had no choice but to jump out of his moving unit onto the highway in Tijuana, Baja California, after it ran out of brakes.

According to local media, the driver realized that he had run out of brakes, so, to save his life, he decided to jump, letting the unit continue on its waydespite the fact that this represented a latent danger for other motorists, since it was going on a slope.

While the scene was taking place, a motorist who was there decided to take out his cell phone to record and then share it on social networks, quickly becoming a trend.

This event occurred on the afternoon of July 7 on Cuauhtémoc boulevard, where the panic of the drivers was evidentwho mostly managed to avoid a unit that was going out of control.

For a few seconds, the crane continued in circulation without anyone to drive it and, given the weight, the speed and the slope it took, finally hit at least five private vehicles.

According to local media, The accident did not leave people injured or fatalities and they only reported that several cars were damaged.

In addition, it was indicated that there were no detainees and the road had to be cordoned off by emergency forces to remove the vehicle.

According to data from 2022, it was a deadlier year for car accidents in Mexico. It is estimated that about 40 people are killed every day in traffic accidents, while the number of injuries from these incidents increased 28 percent compared to 2021.

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