VIDEO: TikToker hammers Vicente Fernández into glass

The death of Don Vicente Fernández left a very deep mark on the hearts of millions of people, who a month after his death still remember the “Charro de Huentitán” with much affection and regret his departure after spending several months in the hospital.

Among them are his relatives, who have repeatedly paid tributes to the singer so as not to forget him. On the other hand, fans of Vicente Fernandez They have also added to the pain and have shared beautiful messages, memories, photographs or videos of the long career of the famous.

Likewise, artists are beginning to appear on social networks and become viral for their talent and for their details dedicated to the interpreter of “For your damned love.” The last of them was a tiktoker, who engraved the image of Don Chente on glass; a fact that led to his video exceeding 24 million views.

The short video shows the young man slowly hitting glass with a hammer. After a large number of hammer blows, the tiktoker managed to form the singer’s face while the song “Volver, Volver” is heard in the background.

Although this is one of the most viral videos of the young man, In his Tik Tok account he has more portraits of famous hammered among which stand out those of Snoop Dog, Selena Quintanilla, Maluma and Kobe Bryant.

Alejandro’s heartfelt message to his father

A month after his death, his youngest son, Alejandro Fernández, decided to dedicate a few words to his father and mentor, as his departure has been very painful for the singer.

Through their social networks, Alexander commemorated the departure of his father, since he also published some photographs where he appears next to the “Charro de Huentitán”, and which he accompanied with the following text: “For those memories that we have stored in our hearts and they make us smile when we remember them and they fill us with nostalgia !!!”

However, not only Alejandro spoke out about the death of Don Vicente, also Camila Fernández, daughter of “Potrillo” used her Instagram stories to share a video of her grandfather singing.

“The most handsome Sunday dress. I envy heaven! A month without you “, said the young singer.

It should be noted that the followers of the Mexican singer expressed their support with various messages on his Instagram account, because they know how close the interpreter was to his father.

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