Video | This was the Russian attack on the Kremenchuk shopping center | on video


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky publicly released a security camera recording on Tuesday purportedly showing the moment a Kremenchuk shopping mall was destroyed by a Russian missile on Monday. According to the president, the video is proof that the attack was intentional, something that Russia denies.

Putin’s forces say the target was a nearby weapons depot and that the mall was empty. According to the Ukrainian authorities, there were more than a thousand people inside, of whom at least 18 have died. β€œIt is clear that the Russian assassins received the exact coordinates for the attack. They wanted to kill as many people as possible,” Zelensky said.

The Reuters agency has not been able to independently verify that the attack was deliberate, but it has been able to verify the location of the camera that recorded the sequence shared by Zelenski: it is located about 100 meters east of the shopping center.

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