(VIDEO) This is what a black hole sounds like, purgatory, regrets?

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He The sound of a black hole is causing chills and debate on social networks. The revealing audio was shared through X, formerly Twitter, and has mixed opinions, among which They assure that it is purgatory and others who reject the versionpointing out that it is only an auditory representation.

through account 'Digital Brain' in X A video with sound was shared where the sound emitted by a black hole is supposedly heard, captured by the POT.

This is what a black hole sounds like. Recorded by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory,” reads the publication that attaches the clip.

Although it is difficult to describe what is heard in the clip, It resembles lamentations accompanied by a great echo. Whatever it is, the sound really is chilling.

Black hole sound reactions

The clip of only 34 seconds has generated great debate on social networks. It already has more than 600 thousand views and hundreds of comments, as well as thousands of reactions.

A user commented that it is impossible to capture a sound since in the space there is no air and therefore it is not logical, although others are surprised by the scary audio.

Between the opinions it reads:

  • I understand that the sound is not recorded as such. But it is a sonification. This is an auditory representation of the data collected. Similar to how infrared images are processed into colors visible to the human eye.
  • I understood that there is no sound in space. How is this possible?
  • It sounds like entering the gates of hell.
  • You can't even hear that in a cemetery, it's terrifying.
  • It seems like purgatory.

Real black hole sound?

Notably This sound was released by NASA in 2022 and since that date it has circulated on networks, although currently it has been resumed by some accounts such as the one cited in the first paragraphs of this text.

Actually, Scientists managed to encode the sound of the distant black hole and make it audible to humansthanks to sound waves recorded by the Chandra X-ray observatory.

This audio uses existing sound waves as a base, although it is made of codes that allow the human ear to hear it.

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