Video | This is Mariupol two months after being in the hands of the Russian army | on video


This Thursday marks two months since Mariupol fell into the hands of the Russian army. Although the daily fighting that began in February with the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is no longer taking place in this city, the residents who continue to live there have to face other difficulties. Problems typical of a city that has been practically destroyed by bombs and from which most of the population has fled. This video shows through four sections the different ways in which this strategic location has changed after the surrender of the Ukrainian soldiers who remained in it.

In addition, the following questions are answered:

  • What is the current situation in this port city?
  • How many people have fled the city and how many are still living there?
  • How many people died in the attacks on the town?
  • Have the living conditions of its inhabitants changed?
  • Has Russia incorporated any element that demonstrates its belonging to the country?
  • How many buildings were destroyed during the invasion? Is the city starting to rebuild?
  • In what condition are some symbols of the city, such as the theater or the steel mill?

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