Video: This is how thieves steal alms from church altars


Cameras capture a wedding couple stealing alms from a church.

Photo: Capture taken from the video of e-tlaxcala live / Courtesy

A video went viral on the internet, because the surveillance cameras of a church caught a couple thieves stealing alms. The robbery was committed in just eight minutes, time in which a man and a woman opened and emptied the piggy banks, placed next to the religious images of Jesus and Mary.

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The recording shows the moment when a woman with her face covered by the use of a mask, due to the coronavirus pandemic, enters the parish and checks that there are no more people, once he finishes inspecting the place he begins to steal the money. Seconds later, his accomplice and sentimental partner helps him get the alms. In the end they hide the money in a backpack and then run away.

The robbery was recorded in a tlaxcala church, state of Mexico affected by gangs of human traffickers Y sexual exploitation. It is there that women from the slums are deceived through false romances, then they are sent to the Mexican capital and the United StatesI know where they are prostituted.

According to the Archdiocese of Mexico This problem is difficult to combat, because it occurs under the modality of “ant robberies“, even during the celebration of masses and not only when the temples are empty. The thieves use screwdrivers, scissors, tweezers and sticks to open the money boxes on the altars.

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