VIDEO: They give an emotional farewell to a girl who died in a tragic accident in Spain and saved five "friends" with her organs

In recent days, two 4 and 8-year-old girls died and seven other minors were injured after an inflatable castle was raised several meters by the wind and the children fell without protection.

The first victim was officially Cayetana, only 8 years old. The second was Vera, 4, who died after staying more than four days in the hospital. with brain death in Valencia.

Before the fateful news, Vera's father confirmed the sad news via Twitter. There he published a video of his daughter and assured that her organs were donated to save another five lives.

In an emotional video, under the profile of Iván Pérez, he published a clip with the text: “I am 4 years old and I say goodbye to the world in a tragic and unfair way. Thank you for the strength that you have given me and the love for my parents. And to the 5 friends that I help to live with my organs, be as happy as I have been, "he wrote.

According to local media data, Vera suffered a severe blow to the head when the bouncy castle she was playing in was raised. The girl had been hospitalized urgently at the Mislata Clinical Hospital. In Cayetana's case, her death was instantaneous.

The municipality of Mislata declared the official mourning, while the local police opened an investigation to determine if the inflatable respected the safety regulations.

“We want to convey our condolences and all the solidarity of the people of Mislata to the family and relatives of the girls who have lost their lives. An investigation is open to find out why the fastening of the attraction failed ”, they indicated from the town hall.

In less than a month, it is the second tragedy involving inflatable games. In December 2016, five children were killed and four others seriously injured after they fell 32 feet (10 meters) from a bouncy castle blown up in the air at a school event in Australia.

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