VIDEO. They expose a pickpocket who wanted to rob the Spanish subway

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In the Spanish subway, the moment in which a young woman, at least 20 years old, told him opens the backpack to another user who does not seem to notice.

The video was taken by a woman who appears to be elderly. In the video you can clearly see how the pickpocket skillfully and quickly opens the young subway user's backpack and tries to put her hand inside it, at which point she is confronted by the person she is recording.

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The thief looks genuinely surprised and immediately pretends like she wasn't doing anything. A man who was “formed” behind the thief, and who users claim was colluding, shouts at the woman who is recording her and tries to push her away with an aggressive movement of the bag that he is carrying in her hands.

Before the exhibition, The pickpocketing man and woman get on the subway and try to hide.

The older woman, who blows a whistle to alert the authorities, tells the other users of the couple's intentions. However, none of those on board the subway react.

Finally, the car doors close and the thief approaches the window and makes an obscene sign to the woman.

Thieves in the subway

X users, before Twitter, They commented that thieves in the Spanish subway have become frequent and they complained that the police do not intervene.

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Other Internet users shared more videos of robberies where you can see the same modus operandi on the part of the thieves.

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