(VIDEO) They beat assailants who ran over police in downtown CDMX

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After running over a policewoman in the streets of downtown Mexico City (CDMX), who stood in the way so they wouldn't flee, alleged assailants were beaten by citizens who were at the scene, according to a video that was leaked on social networks.

According to the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC)the alleged criminals threatened a woman with a knife and They stripped her of her belongings in the streets of the Cuauhtémoc mayor's office in CDMX.

In a video that circulates on social networks, it is observed how The policewoman stands in the way of the alleged criminals who were on a motorcycle and that they tried to flee. While, Another clip has come to light showing how the crew members of the motorcycle who ended up on the ground were beaten by citizens who gathered at the scene.

In the images you can see the alleged assailants on the ground while some people hit and kick themalthough others ask to calm things down and stop hitting them.

Break his ma…”; “They went too far”; and “Stop stealing,” are some of the phrases that people who beat alleged criminals are heard saying.

Arrest of assailants in the center of CDMX after running over police

For the assault, Four alleged criminals were arrested: Donovan 'N', Vidal 'N', Óscar 'N' and Jonathan 'N'. According to the information that transpires, they took 800 pesos in cash from their victim.

Between the comments of social media users in reaction to the beating of the assailants, it reads:

  • How could I not be there to hit them hard.
  • These hungry dogs don't change even with beatings.
  • Happy ending.

According to information from the SSC, the policewoman who was run over for preventing the escape of the alleged thieves was diagnosed with contusion on the head, knee and with hyperglycemia.

Likewise, one of those possibly involved in the assault ended up with a fractured tibia and fibula, both were transferred to a hospital for specialized medical care, the possible perpetrator, 32 years old, under police custody.

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