Video | The last Ukrainian resistance soldiers at the Mariupol steelworks | Videos


Russian troops have razed the port city of Mariupol, one of the most important in the country. The last soldiers of the Ukrainian army defending the city are in what was once a metallurgical factory. This video collects images of the facilities from a drone view and explains the moment in which both civilians and soldiers residing in the building or in adjoining areas are found. According to the Ukrainian government, of the 400,000 people who populated Mariupol, only 100,000 still live in the metropolis.

But who are they? Are they related to the Azov battalion? How has this steel mill become a military haven for these Ukrainian fighters? In this video all these questions are answered and the situation of these soldiers is detailed, some of them civilians turned into armed defenders against the Russian invasion of Putin, which began on February 24. Since then, this port city has been one of the main targets of the Russian president, who has bombarded the city incessantly and, because of the war, most of its buildings look devastated, almost in ruins.

This Monday, the president of Ukraine, Volódimir Zelenski, has assured that Russia has begun a final offensive in the Donbas region, in which this port metropolis is located. In fact, in recent weeks, the Kremlin has requested the surrender of this stronghold of the Ukrainian resistance in the city. However, the proposal has been rejected and the fight continues around this factory that worked metal. What has happened to the civilians near this factory? Have they been able to flee? Attempts to establish humanitarian corridors have been complicated in this area by continuous attacks and bombardments.

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