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The Russian government, headed by Vladimir Putin, has launched a new missile for the first time, the Sarmat, within its territory that, according to the Kremlin, “has no rival in the world” within those with which it shares a model. This video explains the characteristics of the new projectile of the Russian army tested in the middle of the Donbas offensive and after the withdrawal of Russian troops from areas to the west of Ukraine.

What is true in the words of the Russian president? How far can this projectile travel? Can it carry nuclear warheads? How many? The video that accompanies this news responds to all these questions and details the capabilities of this weapon with which the Russian Government has taken out Western countries before. What is the purpose of this missile? President Putin has also referred to its usefulness and has assured that he will make Moscow’s enemies think twice. The war in Ukraine, caused by the Russian invasion on February 24, has increased tension between Russia and European countries along with the United States (USA). NATO has sent weapons material to the attacked country for its defense; Both defense and attack elements.

What plans does Putin have for the Sarmat? This video specifies the projects of use that the Kremlin has in the short term for this projectile. Would it come to the US? And to Europe? What consequences would its impact have on a territory? The video contextualizes the power of the weapon compared to other powerful bombs, such as the one dropped by the US Army in Hiroshima (Japan) in 1945, during World War II, which caused around 90,000 deaths in the Japanese population. Precisely, the nuclear confrontation between NATO and Russia is one of the dangerous possibilities to avoid in this conflict.

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