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The images that have arrived in recent days from the towns recovered by Ukraine in Kharkov show the local military tearing and burning Russian flags, and raising their national banner again. Also the reunions of relatives who had not seen each other for months, or the return to their homes of displaced people who have found them destroyed. The Russian withdrawal has been so rapid that large amounts of military material have been abandoned. But his departure has also brought to light new mass graves. All these scenes appear in the video that accompanies this news item, in which Francisco José Gan Pampols, Army Lieutenant General in the reserve, Octavio Aláez, retired Navy Colonel, and Guillermo Pulido, Defense analyst for the magazine armies, analyze the keys to the latest successes of Ukraine, which has recovered more than 8,000 square kilometers in Kharkov alone, and has also made progress in Kherson. The result has been that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has decreed a partial mobilization in Russia, which affects nearly 300,000 reservists.

“Until now, no operational maneuver of this magnitude had been seen. They did nothing but local counterattacks. But that they were capable of combining great maneuvers, double envelopes, penetration, that had never been seen, ”explains Aláez in the video about the impact that the Ukrainian advance has had. In this sense, different analysts interpret the Kherson operation differently: some consider it an independent offensive from the Kharkov one; others believe it was a feint for Russia to move the bulk of its defenses south, as it has done in recent weeks. “Ukraine backed up those claims with increased precision fire actions, with many force reconnaissance along the river, with special operations actions. In such a way that the Russian army thought that the effort had to be gravitated, because the main effort of the counteroffensive was going to take place there, where it seemed that it was taking place, ”says Gan Pampols.

Meanwhile, Pulido emphasizes the great technological superiority of the weapons that Ukraine is using, delivered by its Western allies, compared to the Russian war machine, which is obsolete in many aspects. “It is what is called the equalizing power of precision”, says the analyst; “to make up for their inferiority in firepower. Ukraine has far fewer fire hydrants. That equals a lot.” The technical and organizational deficiencies of the Russian Army have also been decisive for the recent setbacks suffered.

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