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Silvio Berlusconi, the most influential Italian politician of the 21st century, has died this Monday at the age of 86. As can be seen in the video that accompanies this news, his figure has been marked by different controversies. The former prime minister and media mogul had to face different accusations for corruption, sexual scandals and criticism for the political decisions he was making. However, he has created his own style of governing, according to Anna Bosco, a professor of comparative politics at the University of Florence and a contributor to Agenda Pública. “He completely changed the way of communicating in politics. Because of what he said, because of how he spoke, but also for giving people what they asked for, ”underlines the expert.

The populist character of Il Cavalieri made him the forerunner of populism embodied by Donald Trump. In the 1990s, the founder of the Forza Italia party stood in the Italian elections as a challenge to communist ideals and promised to lead the country as he had managed his companies. “When Berlusconi entered politics, he created a strong polarization in the country that did not exist before. The anti-communist discourse and its magnetic character have opened space for polarization, but not anti-democratic”, says Bosco.

In recent years, Berlusconi has caused controversy for his friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, particularly with his statements in defense of the president in the invasion and war in Ukraine. His last political act was to facilitate the far-right rule of Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini in Rome. “I think this legacy will remain for a long time, although we still don't know what will happen to its voters,” concludes the political scientist.

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