Video shows how 16-year-old mother throws baby over a fence in her futile attempt to escape from hitmen who killed 6 in California

The video shows desperate mother Alissa Parraz, 16, throwing her 10-month-old baby Nycholas over a fence.

Photo: Tulare County Sheriff's Office / Courtesy

A Security camera shows the horrifying moment a mother threw her son over a fence to save him from attack by armed men.

Two gang members were arrested after the shooting in California where the young mother and her baby were killed.

The video shows when the desperate mother, Alissa Parraz, 16, throws her 10-month-old baby Nycholas over a fence to try and save him.

Subsequently, the mother climbs over the fence and picks up her baby once it reaches the other side.

She was later found shot to death. after running away, cradling her baby.

The shooting has shaken the community of Goshen, a farming town 220 miles from San Francisco.

Two men have now been arrested in connection with the murders, Noah David Beard, 25, and Angel 'Nanu' Uriarte, 35.

Beard was arrested without incident, while Uriarte participated in a shootout against Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents.

The men were members of the Norteños gang and are believed to have aimed to eliminate the Parraz family, who were members of the rival Sureños gang.

Eladio Parraz Jr, 52 years old; Marcos Parraz, 19; Jennifer Analla, 49; Rosa Parraz, 72; Alissa Parraz, 16, and her 10-month-old son Nycholas, were the six fatalities.

Tulare County Sheriff Boudreaux said it was a "deliberate, intentional and horrible act."

“None of this was an accident. These people were clearly shot in the head and also shot in places where the shooter knew a quick kill would occur,” Boudreaux noted.

“This is also similar to high-ranking gang affiliation and the style of execution they commit.

“I know for a fact that this 10-month-old baby relied on his mother's comfort. There was no reason for them to shoot that baby, but they did.

"It's shocking to the nation, shocking to our county, shocking to our state, and I have to tell you that I'm getting phone calls from all over the country."

Police last month searched the house where the shooting took place and arrested Eladio Parraz Jr., who allegedly had an extensive criminal record, including possession of firearms and drugs.

A frantic 911 call was recorded from inside the house as the gunmen entered and began shooting.

“The men are coming. Please hurry, they are coming back."

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