VIDEO Santa Fe Klan remembered the shortcomings it experienced before becoming famous

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Currently Santa Fe Klan He is one of the most important Mexican rappers in the music industry and with great success, however, before reaching popularity He spent his childhood without luxuries.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, Santa Fe Klan remembered his life in Guanajuato and especially the neighborhood in which he lived.

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“It was a low life, there were no luxuries, nothing, he only had carts and there he played making roads in the dirt. All the people in my neighborhood grew together and moved forward.”

The singer recalled that there were times when he and his family didn't have anything to eat, but they would order money from a store on credit.

“We didn't have to eat either and we asked for credit from the neighborhood store. There were people who came to my house asking for tomatoes and they were worse.”

Ángel Quezada, real name of the Santa Fe Klan, commented that the neighborhood where he lived with his family was beautiful and that despite the shortcomings he was happy.

“It is a beautiful neighborhood, there is happiness because money is not happiness. In the neighborhood they are happy that they are with their family in their house, the children go out to play and it is necessary to be alert, if not they had that need of that hunger maybe that is what happens with the neighborhoods that the need and the desire to go out going forward makes it dangerous.”

In one of the reflections that The rapper said that now that he has more luxuries and money he does not feel happy, So he came to the conclusion that money does not buy happiness and that he felt happy when he lived in his neighborhood.

"I like music, but the night comes when I get sleepy and I stare at the piano, with the money and I say: 'this is what I have, I didn't have this before.' "I stayed up to sleep with bills after singing and I don't know anything, I did it to feel good, but I don't feel anything."

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