VIDEO: Russian soldier shoots Ukrainian civilians in the back who thought they had been freed


The killings have been described as “a possible war crime”.


A CCTV camera captured the precise moment a Russian soldier shot two Ukrainian civilians in cold blood as they walked away thinking they had been released.

The chilling CCTV footage of uA motorhome dealer on the outskirts of kyiv shows how the soldier shot the owner of the establishment and a guard in the back after a short conversation.

The murders, which have been described as “a possible war crime”, they took place on March 16 when Russia made an initial attempt to take the city.

The images shared with CNN show how the meeting between the invaders and civilians at The Camper Group dealership on the E40 highway, the main road to kyiv, seems calm.

The Times newspaper reported that the soldiers were apparently frisking the men for cigarettes.

But moments after going their separate ways, the Russian soldiers turn around and hide behind a wall.

They then jump out, place their weapons on a fence and open fire on the helpless bodies of the men who immediately fall to the ground.

Bullets can even be seen sending clouds of dust into the air during execution.

The uniformed men killed the owner, whose family did not want to be identified, immediately.

But surprisingly, the guard, Leonid Oleksiyovych Plyats, described by his daughter as a “very cheerful” 68-year-old grandfather, initially survived the shooting.

In the footage, he is seen limping to a guard hut to call for help, bleeding profusely from his injuries.

But, despite tying what appears to be a tourniquet around his thigh, he suffered catastrophic blood loss and tragically died, just as paramedics arrived to try to save him.

The shocking footage shows the trail of blood left behind after Ukrainian soldiers dragged him to safety, but he lost the battle outside the guard hut.

The Ukrainian soldiers did not have the firepower to fight the tanks and soldiers that subsequently arrived at the site.

His daughter Yulia, who was unable to see the video herself, promised to one day show the footage to her grandchildren so that they would never forget what Russia did to Ukraine and Leonid.

She told CNN: “They are executioners.

“It’s horrible because my father was a civilian, he was 68 years old, a peaceful and unarmed man.”

Subsequently, the dealership was looted by Russian soldiers who could be seen toasting with alcoholic beverages. The video shows soldiers poking through every crack in the dealership as they frantically search for valuable items and more alcohol.

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