VIDEO: Residents recorded gas pump in South Gate that increased the amount to pay without refueling

A broken gasoline pump raised the amount to be paid without refueling.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When gas prices are up, there is nothing worse than having to pay more dollars for fuel that has not been received.

Residents captured on video Sunday night a gas pump at a South Gate station that increased the amount payable penny by penny when the nozzle was out of the tank and not discharging fuel.

“We went to get gas. (My husband) was putting gas and then he called me, like ‘come see this. I am no longer fueling and the machine is still running, it is still fueling me.’ We were so surprised at what was happening that I told him to record it,” Jacqueline Herrador told ABC.

The incident occurred at the Arco station, at the intersection of Firestone Boulevard and Long Beach Boulevard.

The couple said they ended up getting a surcharge close to $6 dollars.

Herrador said her husband spoke with the cashier to let him know what was going on, but he just said there was nothing he could do.

The person in charge of the service station took their information and told them that a manager would contact them.

By Tuesday, Herrador’s husband, Kevin Hernandez, he returned to the same pump, number 7, to see if it was repaired. She then she recorded it again and repeated it to the cashier.

Hernandez also filed the complaint with Los Angeles County Weights and Measuresin addition to sharing it with the community through social networks.

The South Gate Police Scanner group on Facebook posted the videos.

“An employee contacted me anonymously from this location and told me that there was in fact a fuel pump leak from the hose and that a technician had checked it out,” said the founder of the South Gate Police Facebook group. Scanner, Tomas Buckley.

The anonymous worker told Buckley that the pump that had the problem was closed on Tuesday afternoon.

Farrier said a manager had contacted them to apologize for the bombing and gave them a $25 gift card.

Buckley was concerned about what happened when he asked how many people had been overcharged for fuel they hadn’t received and when gas prices are high.

Pump number 7 at the service station was reopened after receiving the necessary repairs to prevent it from malfunctioning.

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