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Bangladesh is home to the world's largest refugee camp, Cox's Bazar. An estimated one million members of the Rohingya community, a Muslim minority group in Myanmar, live in the western Rakhine state, according to UNHCR. As can be seen in the video that accompanies this news item, the precarious conditions of the region's forcibly displaced persons is a representation of the challenges experienced by the more than 100 million people around the world on Refugee Day.

The director of immigration policies and diversity in the consultancy strategies, Gemma Pinyol, points out that the main way out for the situation of this community must be the regulation of residence and work permits for the Rohingyas. “We are talking about stateless people. The international community should not allow the scarcity of basic resources and the non-fulfillment of human rights in these fields”, analyzes the researcher.

In 2021, the coup against the Myanmar government made the impossibility of this community returning to their country more evident, according to the latest United Nations report. Alberto Masegosa, journalist and author of the book Rohingya, ensures that the repatriation process has been completely blocked. "The situation of the citizens who have remained inside the Burmese borders is unknown and there is no indication that it has improved," the author underlines.

The exodus began in August 2017, when violence erupted in Myanmar's Rakhine State, forcing more than 742,000 people to seek safety in Bangladesh. The vast majority that arrives in the country are women, girls and boys under 12 years of age. Many others are older people who require extra help and protection.

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