Video | Raphael Dwamena, Ghanaian footballer, dies after collapsing in the middle of a match

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The Ghanaian Raphael Dwamenastriker for Egnatia and former player for teams like Levante and Zaragoza, He died this Saturday during a game of the Albanian Super League that his team was playing against Partizani.

Dwamena, a footballer raised in the Red Bull Salzburg youth academy 27 years, HE He collapsed 24 minutes into the match and despite the immediate intervention of the doctors and being transferred by ambulance to a hospital urgently, he could not be revived.

The Albanian Football Federation (AFL) expressed in a statement “its deepest condolences” to the player's family and Egnatia “for this great loss that has shocked the entire Albanian football community.”

The organization announced that all matches scheduled for this weekend in all the championships it organizes were postponed to a date to be determined as a sign of mourning the death of the Ghanaian international on eight occasions.

Dwamena had a device in her heart

In January 2020, after several similar mishaps, he underwent surgery in Zaragoza and a device was installed in his heart and he could not play for almost three years.

The doctors recommended him not to play again, but he insisted on doing it.

The Ghana Federation also expressed its dismay at his death and stated that Dwamena “represented” the team with all his “heart” and that they will miss him in the future.

In addition, LaLiga published a message in which it “wishes to convey its most sincere condolences to the family and friends” of Dwamena, while the Spanish Federation also “regrets the sad news” of his death and sends “all the love and affection.” for their families and loved ones.”

Zaragagoza and Levante, devastated by the death of Dwamena

Zaragoza, which announced that its players will wear black armbands in the League match against Elche, noted that the club is “devastated” by the news and sent all the “love and affection to his family and loved ones,” and He asserted that he will always be “in the memory of all Zaragoza.”

For its part, El Levante also expressed its “sincere condolences” for his death and noted that its “thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this difficult time.”

“His legacy in our club will always last,” said the Valencian club, which published a second message in which it shows the Ghanaian smiling in several images and celebrating a goal:

“This is how we want to remember you, Rapha. With your eternal smile, enjoying a sport you loved.” (EFE)

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