Video | Putin’s threats after more than 100 days of war | on video


Vladimir Putin launched the war in Ukraine with a direct threat to its inhabitants: “We are going to try to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, and we are going to bring to justice those who have committed numerous blood crimes against civilians, including Russian citizens.” A threat that followed all those issued in the previous weeks and preceded many others launched throughout the conflict, which turns 100 this Friday. The next one took place on the fourth day of the war, when the Russian president ordered to put “the Army’s deterrent forces in special combat duty mode”, which in practice implies warning of the possible use of nuclear weapons.

The intensity of Putin’s rhetoric led his US counterpart, Joe Biden, to claim that a hypothetical NATO entry into the war would lead to World War III. And it is that the Russian leader has also insisted on his warnings to Western countries, both for their possible interference in the conflict (“If someone tries to intervene in the events underway from abroad and create strategic threats to Russia that are unacceptable to us , they must know that our retaliation will come at lightning speed”), as for the expansion of NATO to countries like Sweden and Finland (“The expansion of military infrastructures to these territories would certainly provoke our response. What that response will be will be will see depending on what the threats are to us”).

Putin’s threats have not only taken place in the military field, they have also been a way to stand up to Western sanctions in the economic field. And in some cases they have been met, such as the requirement to charge for gas exports in rubles or the cuts in supply to some countries for not accepting that condition.

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