VIDEO: Pumas goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera made a memorable save, but fell short on penalties for Seattle Sounders


Alfredo Talavera celebrates one of Pumas’ goals against Seattle Sounders.

Photo: Rafael Vadillo / Imago7

Juan Ignacio Dinenno was the best man for the Pumas in a controversial 2-2 draw with the Seattle Sounders on Wednesday night at the first leg for the Concachampions championship. But the UNAM team would have been worse off if it hadn’t been for goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera.

When Pumas led 2-0 in the second half, Seattle had a huge scoring opportunity in the boots of its best scorer, the Peruvian Raúl Ruidíaz, who finished off Cristian Roldán’s great pass at close range. But Alfredo Talavera appeared to make a simply phenomenal save with a display of travel, reaction, agility and range.

The experienced and talented goalkeeper even smiled after his great save, realizing how unlikely it was to prevent Ruidíaz’s goal.

Unfortunately for Talavera and his Pumas, Seattle came from behind with two goals from the penalty spot scored by the Uruguayan Nicolás Lodeiro. In both, the Mexican goalkeeper was very close to saving. He first touched the ball with both hands, but the shot was very placed and he couldn’t deflect it far enough.

And in the second charge, after he tried to confuse the visiting player, Talavera guessed again, but he went too low and could not reach the shot.

Talavera’s busy night included a yellow card for holding the arm of the referee, Salvadoran Iván Barton, when he was going to get a card from another Pumas player. The whistler got angry and first admonished Talavera.

When the match ended, Talavera was involved in a near quarrel with Lodeiro after a series of exchanges of words and gestures between them during the second half.

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