VIDEO: Police forcefully subdue an elderly couple in Pachuca, Mexico


Municipal police of Pachuca, Hidalgo, forcibly removed two Adults greater their business, they subdued them against the floor, put handcuffs on them and detained them.
The crime of the elderly couple was not checking the payment of your business licensea practice of alternative therapies.

“Allow me please! She is hurting Me! ”, The 62-year-old woman pleaded, surrounded by three uniformed women.

In case of police brutality It was released in a video broadcast on social networks, the old woman is seen lying face down, with her face against the sidewalk, while a policewoman leans all her weight against her and two other agents put handcuffs on her.

According to local media, the events were recorded on Constituyentes Avenue, in Colonia Punta Azul, after which the elderly couple was taken to the municipal police station.

After the facts were disseminated, the Municipality of Pachuca reported that it had initiated an investigation in this regard.

“Meanwhile, the police officers involved in these events have been suspended from their duties,” said an information card.

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