VIDEO. 'Pepe' Mujica pleads with Hamas for the release of Latin American hostages

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The former president of Uruguay José Mujica reappeared in a video that has circulated on social networks, in which He begged the terrorist group Hamas to release the Latin American hostages.

Sometimes things happen that hurt us and hurt us and we realize that we would like to do something, but we can't do much," he begins to say in the video.

'Pepe' Mujica, who governed Uruguay from 2010 to 2015 and has already retired from politics, made the request in a short video where he is seen sitting in his house and in which the sound of a rooster can be heard outside.

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I would like to believe in God, but to those who believe in some divine form, I ask you please, and in this case, to the Palestinians who have a handful of Latin American hostages in Gaza, to let them live, to let them reach their homes. towns," he continues.

The hostages that the former president of Uruguay talks about They were captured on October 7when Hamas attacked Israel with a barrage of missiles and several incursions by its militiamen to the border it occupies with that country.

They are not going to solve the problem of Palestine, the just cause that it could have had historically, sacrificing people," Mujica says in the recording.

In that first attack, 203 people were taken hostage, including several Latin Americans. Today, Hamas said it had 250 kidnapped.

Therefore, on behalf of my compatriots, I dare to ask and beg the people who are holding this handful of Latin Americans hostage to let them return to their homes. "Let them do it for God, for the God they believe in, let them do it for hope," he added.

Mujica received the support of thousands of Internet users, who, like him, have asked for the release of the hostages.

We feel pain and a debt of humanity in the greatest sense of the term. Goodbye and may God, if he exists, help us," Mujica concluded.

Others Users criticized the former president for only asking for the release of Latin Americans and not that of all those captured.

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Almost two weeks after the war between Israel and Palestine began, none of the organizations and nations that have intervened asking that the kidnapped people be allowed to return have been heard by Hamas.

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