VIDEO: Pepe Aguilar drives TikTok crazy playing a Pink Floyd hit

One more time Pepe Aguilar has surprised his fans by appearing in a TikTok video playing a guitar solo by pink floyd. In the clip, which does not have a precise date on which it was recorded, the singer is observed interpreting one of the most famous songs of the rock band and left users shocked with the result.

Just a few hours after it was shared, the video is already a success on social networks; on TikTok alone, it already exceeds 200,000 views, 22,000 “likes” and has more than 350 comments, among which those in which users recalled the rock soul of Pepe Aguilar stand out.

The video, which was titled: "The net plays the solo better than many guys I see around here", which triggered a series of reactions and comments among the users of this social network. There was one that even invited Internet users to look for more interpretations where Pepe Aguilar is also seen to leave his commercial genre: the ranchero.

This week both Pepe Aguilar, 54, and his daughter Ángela were announced for the gala of the Latin Billboards awards that were held last Thursday, September 29 in the city of MiamiFlorida, however, both singers could not arrive due to the passage of Hurricane Ian in the peninsula.

This was announced by Pepe Aguilar on his Instagram account, where he published a video in which he apologized to the event organizers and explained the reasons why he did not make it.

“We had the very kind invitation from Telemundo and the Billboard Awards to perform today, unfortunately we will not be able to do it and that is why I am doing this live, to avoid speculation”, commented the artist in the clip, in which he is seen on board a plane to Chicago.

Angela also shared a message in one of her stories where she explained that it had been impossible for them to travel to Miami, since several flights had been canceled due to the passage of Hurricane Ian along the Florida coast: "You don't know how sad it made me not to attend the Latin Billboards, due to the hurricane so strong that it has brought many tragedies"public.

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