VIDEO: Owner of the famous revolving restaurant in Mexico City attacks a security guard

Photo: Pedro PARDO / Getty Images

In a new incident of mistreatment of workers and of despotism, a man identified as Bellini ownera revolving restaurant in Mexico City, physically and verbally assaulted an employee of the building where the establishment is located.

The altercation originated in the facilities of the World Trade Center in Mexico City when the daughter of the owner of the restaurant, identified as Nelson Maidensrefused to identify himself, for which the worker repeatedly asked for his registration, but did not deny him entry.

After the incident between his daughter and the guard, the owner and chef of the restaurant went to the scene and began to insult the guard of the place. Repeatedly the man yelled, “Talk to your boss” as he pulled and pushed the worker.

In the video of the altercation, you can also hear the voice of a young woman (who may be the daughter), who claims to have reported to the guard that she was going to the restaurant; however, the WTC employee he strongly denies it repeatedly.

While the guard stands his ground and refuses to contact his boss, the owner of the restaurant gets angry and pulls him, to which the worker responds: “Hey, don’t touch me”“I never told him that he could not pass,” the worker reiterated.

The networks are furious

After the video went viral, the restaurant’s Twitter account went from being public to private. Facebook users have accused that the comments within the publications in which the users have shared the video have been deleted on the restaurant’s page.

The reactions from social media users They did not wait long and many of them began to defend the work of the security guard and repudiate the arrogant attitude of the owner of the establishment.

On the same platforms, many people have accused that the owner of the restaurant is “racist” and “classist”, In addition, consumers have also been invited to avoid going to the establishment.

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