Video: Out of jealousy, a man stabs an ex-girlfriend in the middle of a Paco Barrón concert


Photo: Capture taken from the video of @CODIGO_NEGROMX / Courtesy

vicious attack of a man to a women in full concert by Paco Barrón and his Norteños Clanit was all for jealousy. The aggressor could not bear to see a musician I will give a rose to her ex girlfriend and the stabbed. The events that occurred in New Liona state located on the border between Mexico and the United Stateswere captured during a live streaming for social media and the video I know viralized immediately. “Talk to the police”, said the group’s vocalist to his team when he saw the stroke.

The video recording shows the exact moment in which the band’s vocalist thanks his fans for attending the dance, while on one side of the stage a woman with flowers in her hand listens attentively, but suddenly a man appears who insults her and attacks her with a knife; she falls to the ground. Paco Barrón turns around and witnesses the attack, everyone runs to help the victim and some of the musicians manage to stop the aggressor.

The woman, identified as Ana Patricia Pérez Cuéllar, was the ex-girlfriend of the attacker named Heriberto “N”. Apparently he went to the concert, because he knew that Ana Patricia would be there, he had been harassing her for months, practically since they ended her romantic relationship. The police arrived at the scene and took the person responsible.

An ambulance also arrived at the room, the paramedics gave the woman first aid and transferred her to a hospital. According to Mexican media, doctors say it will take her 15 days to recover from the wound in her abdomen. By the way, the face of the aggressor became a trend on social networks, where accusations from other people have rained down on him.

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