VIDEO: Natanael Cano breaks down in tears in the middle of the interview when remembering his idol, Ariel Camacho

the controversial Nathanael Cano is one of the singers who has provoked the most controversy in the Mexican region, who, at his young age, has been surrounded by various events, including fights with various celebrities, and his peculiar musical style, despite the fact that he has creditor to many followers, the interpreter has not stopped getting into trouble because he has demerited the styles of other artists such as Pepe Aguilar.

And it is that, at 20 years old, he is the only exponent of the lying down movement, which has led him to take the spotlight in the entertainment world, since he tends to generate controversy for his actions and attitudes aired on social networks.

Still, it is clear that the famous creator of the criticized aspect of “Corridos tumbados”, showed his most sensitive side and showed that he harbors a lot of affection and admiration for some artists such as Ariel Camacho, a Mexican singer and composer who served as his musical guide, for which, despite not having met him, he considers him an inspirational figure.

In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante for the program “The minute that changed my destiny” Natanael Cano confessed that whenever he is at a party with his friends he remembers Ariel Camacho and added: “I feel that he was such a fundamental part of me that I always bring him with me.”

I grew up with the fact that my idol died and that I never met him and that everything I have done was much, much based on him, I play the guitar and I know all his songs thanks to him “said the young singer.

When asked what he would say to Ariel Camacho if he were alive, Nathanael Cano could not take it anymore and broke down in tears, not without first pointing out that sometimes only when you die do they value you and that should not happena situation that he pointed out that could happen to him with Ariel, if he had not left in advance.

In addition, he added that as a child he fell asleep listening to all the songs of his idol and assured that in this season he was very exposed to corridosmusic that was listened to by his older brother and by his father.

Given this, the controversial driver gave him a few words to comfort him, while Cano was very restless and anxious because the cameras were taking himso he tried to avoid contact with them, an unusual attitude, because Nathanael has always been arrogant and sometimes haughty in these situations.

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