VIDEO Meteorite illuminates a region of Norway and causes fear

VIDEO: Meteorite illuminates a region of Norway and causes fear among the inhabitants

A meteor lit up the night sky over southwest Norway

Photo: YE AUNG THU / Getty Images

The passage of meteorites near the Earth are very common phenomena, but they can cause surprise and even fear when they pass too close and generate very bright lights.

Such was the case of a meteor that lit up the sky southwestern nocturnal Norway last weekend and that caused surprise and even fear among the population that was able to observe the flash.

The racing car, as the exceptionally bright meteorite is known, it caused much surprise and fear, thus causing regional police to receive reports from members of the public worried about the sighting.

Such was the number of people who called or went to the authorities to find out what was happening, that the agder police he had to launch some messages to explain the situation.

“The police have received a call about a strong beam of light in the sky that alternated in various colors – this was seen from the Vigmostad area,” they wrote on Twitter.

“The police have contacted the Meteorological Institutewhich supposes that it can be a meteorite.

For its part, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute confirmed that the meteorite belongs to a annual meteor shower lcalled Northern Taurids.

“The Taurids do not produce as many meteors as the Leonids, but the Taurids do occasionally produce very powerful meteorslike this one,” the Norwegian Meteor Network said.

Authorities also said that the bolide had burned completely in the atmosphere 65 kilometers above sea level, so it was not close to impacting the Earth.

previous incidents

The incident in Norway comes a couple of months after hundreds of people in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England watched a unusual fireball lighting up the night sky.

The fireball was visible in the sky for between 10 and 20 seconds, a very long time for a meteor to be visible. It is not clear if the fireball was actually a space rock or a piece of space junk.

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