VIDEO: Matías Almeyda, DT of the San Jose Earthquakes, stars in an altercation with a fan


Amid rumors of a possible departure from Matias Almeyda of the technical direction of San Jose Earthquakesthe Argentine coach experienced an episode that has become viral and is circulating on social networks, in which a fan rebukes him and he responds.

The altercation occurred during the game in which the Quakes tied 2-2 against Nashville Soccer Clubalthough this occurred at halftime at PayPal Park, while Matías Almeyda crossed the bridge that connects the locker rooms with the field. As he passed, a Hispanic fan yelled at him from below “We’re going to the second, chingá. Let’s go for the second. We are going to go to the second.”

The Argentine DT ran across the bridge in a hurry, in the direction of the follower, as if with the intention of facing him, it is even heard that He replies “How?”but his coaching staff stopped him and the matter did not escalate.

This is definitely not the best season. Almeidasince the team is at the bottom of the MLS Western Conference, with only 3 points, product of three draws in seven games; So far, the Californian team has not known victory in this 2022 campaign.

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