VIDEO, Man says that Acapulco received an exorcism with Hurricane Otis

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A man who declared that Acapulco received an exorcism with Hurricane Otis removing people who did not need to, has gone viral on social networks and has received thousands of criticisms for such words.

The man shared the speech in one of his stories instagram and was resumed in X, formerly Twitter, for the account 'Folic Acid Fugitives', although only the part where it talks about the 'exorcism that Acapulco received'.

In the video that already has more than 28 thousand views, hundreds of reactions and comments, the man refers to Hurricane Otis and the damage it left in Acapulco, Guerrero.

I saw people stealing so much, I said how miserable and I saw it as, I don't know, like, that's why they are the way they are, that's why they have the governments they have and at the same time I said, it's clear to me that I don't belong here. and sometimes you don't make the decision to move and life makes the decision for you, everything is so perfect and so beautiful that Acapulco received an exorcism, removing whoever has to be removed and leaving there whoever has to be left, it is very cab... very cool, I'm going to the coolest place in the world, I'm going to sleep," says the man in the clip.

Such statements earned the man thousands of criticisms and among comments from users reads:

  • Why Otis forgot to take you.
  • The world needed his deep reflection.
  • And that wow, what's up.

Looting and looting in Acapulco after Hurricane Otis

It should be noted that in previous stories, the man who on his Instagram account claims to be lecturerclaims to be surprised by the looting and plunder that has been seen in Acapulco after the passage of Hurricane Otis.

According to the stories of man, went to Acapulco to visit the place where his parents and sister live. After confirming that they were in good health, she emphasized that this was the best thing she could have, the health of her family.

However, the young man also documented the looting that takes place in Acapulco and was seriously outraged by the lootingsince he assured that not only were they taking basic necessities but they were already other types of actions and not only to large commercial stores.


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