VIDEO: Man is arrested by customers after trying to abuse a woman inside a Walmart

Police suspect that the subject could be behind more attacks, so he called his victims to report him.

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Local media indicate that the victim was shopping inside the store on a daily basis, as several other people were, suddenly, Bredan Harvey approached her from behind and lifted her dress.

Even, Police reported that Harvey touched the woman’s genitals before throwing her to the ground and ripping off her underwear.

before the scene, The woman screamed and alerted other users, who immediately reacted to subdue the individual.

The moment was captured and broadcast on social networks, where it is observed how several people pounce on Jarmal, knock him down and hold him tightly to prevent his escape.

First, a shopper jumped on the suspect’s back as he was on top of the victim and began pulling him away from the woman. Another man also helped and they were able to hold him by the neck.

Meanwhile, other people assisted the victim, who was stunned by the violent moment.

After a few minutes, Officers in Miami-Dade arrived to make the arrest of Bredan Harvey, accused of attempting to sexually assault a woman.

Harvey is being held at the Miami-Dade County TGK Jail without bond.

Police suspect there may be more victims; so they are asking those who have more information to call the Sex Crimes Investigation Unit of the county police.

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