VIDEO: Lucero confesses if Mijares was jealous of Saúl 'Canelo' Álvarez's flirtations

The recent presentations that have starred Lucero and Mijares, have unleashed the sigh of their fans, because at the time they were one of the spoiled and media couplesYes, but despite the fact that they are already divorced, the followers want to link them with any gesture.

This time, Lucero is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Mexican celebrities in the artistic world, so it is not a surprise to anyone that she can conquer any man; The ex-wife of the singer Manuel Mijares is currently enjoying the honeys of love with the businessman Michel Kuri with whom she has been dating for years.

Although he divorced Mijares several years ago, the fans are delighted to see them together so the couple has done a series of concerts where they remember their old days and have even surprised to appear on stage with their daughter Lucerito Mijares who on more than one occasion has shown that she inherited the artistic talent of her beloved parents.

And the fact is that the couple they formed was one of the most beloved of the Mexican artistic environment, so their fans want to see them together in life and not only on stage, however, each one has decided to follow their love life separately, Well, they have stable partners; recently it was confirmed that Mijares is dating the businesswoman Pita de la Vega.

Before the New Year, the Mexican boxer, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez surprised not only Lucero, but also Mijares and the current partner of the interpreter, Michel Kuri, by bringing flowers to the singer after a presentation in addition to giving her a kiss in full concert, so immediately rumors began about the crush he would have had with her for a long time.

And it is that, although it was a nice detail, the speculations did not stop, so it was the actress and singer herself who put an end to all this and described that fact as a beautiful moment and it was thought that not only had she been jealous. Mijares, but also his current partner Michel Kuri, but this ended in mere rumors.

However, the businessman knows that his girlfriend is one of the most beloved singers, so he has a large fan club and followers not only in Mexico, but throughout the American continent, it is enough to remember that in Brazil he enjoys great fame.

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