VIDEO: Leonardo Aguilar, son of Pepe Aguilar, is seen going for the jugular to students of La Academia


The Mexican reality show “The academy” He does not stop giving something to talk about, and on this occasion the guest at the last gala, Leonard Aguilar was the special guest to share with the academics. But this time the 22-year-old sang several of his original songs, including “The beginning of the end”, the last single he released a few days ago and with which he already reaches thousands of views on his YouTube channel.

In addition to interpreting his own compositions, he also made a special appearance in a tribute to Joan Sebastián, the so-called “King of jaripeo”, making it clear that there is no problem with the children of singers who indicate that they cannot sing the songs of the singer-songwriter from Guerrero.

But it was not the only thing he did on the reality show, when he was given the floor to use the microphone, he said that he was very grateful for the invitation, but that it had also seemed like a project with a lot of drama, although it was not at all to his dislike.

Pepe Aguilar’s son caused controversy on social networks, since he described that he had noticed that some of the contestants did not have the necessary talent to be as a participant.

“I feel happy, I feel comfortable, I feel at home. I loved all the drama, I want to be invited more often. Above all, I liked being able to differentiate between academics who really sing and those who don’t.” was the artist’s inappropriate comment.

He immediately said that he learned a lot from the experience, from his coexistence with judges Lola Cortés, Ana Bárbara, Arturo López Gavito and Horacio Villalobos and that he took away the good treatment he received from the production.

Leonardo Aguilar is currently carrying out individual tours and others together with his father Pepe and his sister Ángela, in the show “Jaripeo sin Fronteras” with which they tour various places in Mexico and the United States.

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