VIDEO: Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja show off their impressive mansion in Miami

the influencers Kimberly Loaiza Y John of God Pantoja boasted, through a house tour, their impressive mansion in Miami, Florida.

In a video, lasting almost an hour, the singers also took us to see the interiors and exteriors of the home where they usually spend their vacations when they visit that part of the country.

The tour began with the backyard, which has a terrace, with extensive green areas, a swimming pool with its respective spa area, with a jacuzzi, with a barbecue area, with a kitchen, with various outdoor furniture, with an oven stone, with a motorized dock, with impressive views of a lake, among other amenities.

Then they showed the interiors of the residence, which is distributed over two floors and has an attic area.

main room

The main room is made up of two gray sofas, a blue armchair, a coffee table and a glass cabinet, as well as a rug, a pot with an artificial plant and a wall-mounted television.


The kitchen is open and somewhat spacious. It is equipped with brown cabinets, with stainless steel appliances, with a central island that works to prepare food, but also as a breakfast bar for four people.

Dinning room

Its dining room, located next to the kitchen, is made up of a wooden table with capacity for eight beige chairs and a plant.

Living room

His living room has two blue sofas, with side tables, with a glass coffee table, with a gray carpet, with a full-length mirror, with a mini bar, with a spectacular painting and with a beautiful table. billiard.

video game room

The video game room, which stands out for its green walls and is defined as a tropical room, has a large bed, a nightstand, a desk with a comfortable chair, a dresser, a computer, among other furniture. .


Its movie theater, which is located in a desert-themed room, has two rows of seats, a popcorn machine, a projector, a screen, two armchairs that convert into single beds, a wine cellar and with a painting of the two of them.

Game room

The game room, which is where your children Kima and Juanito They usually spend most of their time there, it has several toys, a wall-mounted television, a mirror, a closet and a folding bed.

main bedroom

The master bedroom, which actually looks like an apartment and from where you have spectacular views of the lake, has a king-size bed with a gray headboard, two nightstands, a living room, a minibar, a carpet , with a wall - mounted television and a full - body mirror .

It also has a dressing room, as well as a bathroom with a double vanity, a toilet, a bench, a walk-in shower and a bathtub.

other rooms

They also showed off the laundry area, some of the bathrooms, a wine cellar, two of the guest bedrooms and the attic.

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